Institutional Investment Consulting

Expertise, Innovation, Stewardship

Grace Legacy Capital provides institutional investment consulting services defined by industry standard fiduciary principles. As an independent firm, we benefit from the freedom to objectively evaluate and make recommendations to our clients, free from conflicts of interest, pressure from related entities, and the general sclerosis that plagues larger, more hierarchical firms that frequently struggle with client customization and responsiveness.


As a boutique firm, we approach each client engagement with a fresh approach, treating each client as an opportunity to continually improve our commitment to excellence. We recognize each client is unique; we take a bottom-up approach to institutional consulting, in which we believe the relationship should be managed locally with customized solutions, portfolios, documents, and strategies.


Our expertise is utilized through our partnerships with several key partners, two of whom are central to the consulting process. We work with Fiduciary Advisor Advocates (FAA), a firm that partners with institutional consulting firms like Grace Legacy Capital, to promote, improve, and implement the highest fiduciary standards among member firms and our clients. FAA is an important part of our team, providing us with sophisticated fiduciary implementation techniques and resources, as well as integral client support tools during the process of asset allocation analysis, portfolio construction, and investment manager research.

Through our relationship with FAA, we gain access to Callan Associates and their Independent Advisor Group (IAG), which provides industry leading market, economic, and investment manager research, as well as industry leading performance attribution analysis reporting.

The combination of FAA and Callan Associates provides Grace Legacy Capital with the intellectual expertise to bring consulting capabilities previously reserved for clients with assets of $500 million or more to the middle market (under $500 million).
The implementation capabilities gained through our relationship with FAA and Callan Associates raises our clients to a level of fiduciary excellence and research diligence rarely seen in clients under $500 million of assets. We are excited and pleased to introduce these capabilities to our clients.

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Frequently institutional clients will encounter investment consultants who attempt to squeeze them into boxes, to fit them into predetermined strategies or solutions that best fit the consulting firm. This is especially true at banks and brokerage firms. We believe this sells the client short from a fiduciary perspective, and significantly reduces the ability of the client to structure the portfolio and institutional framework to most effectively meet the funding and legacy goals of the institution.

Grace Legacy Capital works with each client individually, creating a custom solution to meet the specific needs of the client. This "bottom-up" approach to consulting ensures alignment of client risks and long-term investment goals.

What sized institutions do we work with?

We have the capacity to bring cutting edge research, implementation, and access to leading investment managers to clients of virtually any size, from under $5 million to $500 million or more.