Family Office Services

Integrated, Concierge Level Excellence

Managing family office clients is complex, and entirely customized to the client. Grace Legacy Capital structures family office services entirely to the needs of each individual family.

Given the challenges associated with managing significant family wealth, integrating multiple professional advisers and their services are critical to the efficient utilization of third party managers. Executing on this task requires a commitment to the client and the family, with a robust understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the multiple professionals involved in a family's life.

Our role at Grace Legacy Capital is to coordinate the various services and providers into one cohesive unit on behalf of the family. For most clients, time is their most valued asset, and we believe the efficient management of a client's professional services allows a family to make the most of their time together.

No two families structure their services alike. The specific needs and desires of a family are addressed through the consultation process, in conjunction the family's supplemental advisers.

For the purposes of illustration, families may find interest in employing services including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

Wealth Management
Tax Planning and Preparation
Estate Planning
Trust Administration & Management
Family Investment Policy Management
Comprehensive Balance Sheet/Performance Reporting
Account Reconciliation (bill pay, cash flow management)
Business Planning, Consulting, and Asset Management
Asset Management (aircraft, yacht, residence)
Appraisal Services (art, collectibles)
Security Services (physical, virtual/electronic)
Health Care Planning & Coordination (concierge, travel)
Travel Services & Coordination
Charitable Planning
Family Bank Establishment and Management
Family Legacy Planning, Coordination, and Training for Multiple Generations