Family Office Philosophy

The Foundation for Generations to Come

At Grace Legacy Capital, our calling is to work with individuals who cherish their families above all else. Families who have sacrificed years, decades, building businesses, building lasting wealth, all for the benefit of those they love. Families who know the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

These families spend their entire lives building security, freedom, and legacy, and their greatest wish is to empower and pass this opportunity and freedom on to their loved ones. Doing so, however, is incredibly challenging and a source of family stress and conflict.

Our role is to be the family’s shepherd throughout this process. We believe in the family above all else. Success to our clients goes far beyond investment results; success is teaching children the value of money, the role of the family business. Success is handing over the reins of leadership to the next generation. Success is establishing a disciplined family bank. Success is bringing extended family into the circle of the family business. Success is defining charitable goals and principles beyond “writing a check”.

We are successful if the family feels empowered to realize the fruits of their labor in cherishing the one finite asset we all share - time.