Family Office Investing

Family Customization; Institutional Discipline

Multi-generational families should invest their resources with a similar discipline and fiduciary process as that of an institutional endowment or foundation. Multi-generational families have timelines spanning decades or more, encompassing multiple generations of family members, in which leaders of the family are seen as stewards of the family resources.

Similar to institutional investing, families desiring long-term growth and stewardship of assets must put in place the fiduciary procedures and policies to ensure the highest level of care and prudence is maintained for generations to come.

Generating sufficient long-term returns adequate to meet a multi-generational family’s needs may be more challenging than upon first glance. Taxes, inflation, fees, and withdrawals to support the family all eat into the compounding ability of funds to grow over time.

Consequently, Grace Legacy Capital works with its families to invest from the disciplined approach of an institution. This approach ensures the family abides by the highest standards of fiduciary care in establishing and maintaining the policies and procedures outlining the investment protocols for the family’s assets. It further defines the roles and responsibilities of leaders within the family, advisors to the family, and investment managers, custodians, and other providers to the family.

Strategically, identifying appropriate investment asset allocation, researching qualified investment managers, and implementing the investment strategy across a complex platform of multiple entities all demands the discipline of institutional thought leadership.

Accordingly we are in a beneficial position to utilize our strength as an institutional investment consultant in applying process and discipline to the management of complex multi-generational family office wealth. Our experience suggests few family office providers possess this background, and more importantly, few implement the fiduciary policies and procedures necessary to meet the critically important long-term needs of the multi-generational family.

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