Faith Based Investing

Aligning spiritual goals with financial blessings

Grace Legacy Capital is pleased to be the first and only institutional investment consultant and family office in the industry dedicated to working with faith based investors. We welcome clients of all faiths and denominations, recognizing the fundamental right of investors to align their religious goals with the strategic investment of their financial assets.

We are called to work with faith based institutions and family office clients. We work hand in hand to incorporate core religious tenets into the daily machinations of managing financial resources and multi-generational legacies. This is our work; we are the only firm that fully integrates faith, legacy, and fiduciary standards.

The spectrum of faith based investing is fluid; faith based investing means many things to many people. As the graphic above demonstrates, today's religious investor has a myriad of options when considering how to best align faith with financial resources. The development of Socially Responsible Investing has led to Biblically Responsible Investing, Community Investing, and a further development of what is commonly known as Faith Based Investing.

Each of these strategies is distinct and highly customized to the client's needs. Exploring the most appropriate solution for an institutional client or a family requires significant due diligence and consideration of religious goals.

To further illustrate how complex and customized Faith Based Investing has become, clients may incorporate multiple strategies. It is not uncommon for religious foundations to engage in Community Investing in addition to negative screening for Socially Responsible Investing, for example.

For this reason, engaging an expert in the field is critical. Yet to date the solutions provided to clients have largely been prepackaged, conflict-laden, and intellectually lacking. Virtually all faith based investment providers currently available sell investment portfolios. This inherent conflict of interest significantly limits the fiduciary guidance and advice provided to the client.

Grace Legacy Capital is an investment consultant, offering no products for sale. Our value is established and confirmed in our ability to guide our clients through the complicated process of establishing, maintaining, and monitoring investment policy and faith based investment discipline.


We find the process and task of identifying appropriate faith based investment policies quite complex, and certainly not for the uninitiated. Faith based investing encompasses far more than screening the holdings in a portfolio. Investors frequently wish to integrate the fabric of their religious tenets into their long-term legacy goals. Doing so within their respective operational and regulatory framework requires expert guidance. The financial assets are the means; the legacy is shaped by the spiritual desires of the client. Philanthropic giving, mission investing, targeted fundraising, religious family foundations, pooled funds, generation transfer and estate planning - all are potential areas for institutions and families to align religion with legacy.

For these clients, incorporating faith with investments does not stop with a Faith Based Investing screening policy. Managing the complex and often competing interests of these second and third layer strategies while maintaining religious fidelity can quickly become burdensome, if not overwhelming.

Engaging a specialist in faith based investing ensures expertise, leadership, and fiduciary excellence in otherwise challenging circumstances.


Integrated religious investment services have never before been offered to clients on a consistent basis and at a fiduciary standard. As the first and only institutional investment consultant and family office dedicated to the service of faith based investors, we believe clients should never settle for anything less than complete and total customization of faith based investment solutions.

For example, Catholic clients should not feel Catholic mutual funds are the only viable Catholic compliant investment option; Jewish clients should not settle for philanthropic strategies that fail to encompass their Jewish principles; Southern Baptist clients should not feel as if there are no Southern Baptist options for structuring pooled funds within a group of related churches.

There is a better way. Institutions and families deserve more.

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How is Grace Legacy Capital different?

Partnering with a proven and dedicated expert in the field is the first step toward realizing the full potential of faith based investing. Grace Legacy Capital strives to meet the needs of an underserved market. In fact, we are the first and only institutional investment consultant and family office dedicated to the advocacy of faith based investors. Our firm differs from other retail faith based wealth management firms in several critically important ways.

First, we are not denomination-specific. We are called to uphold and advocate on behalf of all clients who wish to express their religious values through the management of their resources. We believe in the expression of religious freedom as a core right. This important point distinctively sets us apart, as virtually all other faith based wealth management firms are denomination-specific.

Second, no other faith based advisory firm exclusively works with institutions or family office clients. Our background in institutional investment consulting provides us valuable expertise in working with complex investors. Complementing faith based resources with extensive institutional investment expertise places us in a unique position to serve our clients. We are the first and remain the only faith based advisory firm catering to institutional and family office clients.

Third, we are a fiduciary representing our clients' interests exclusively. We sell no products. The overwhelming majority of existing faith based advisory firms are affiliated with investment funds, creating clear conflicts of interest. Grace Legacy Capital works exclusively on behalf of our clients; we are an independent company, affiliated with no other firms, and offer no products for sale.

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