About Us

An independent Registered Investment Advisor, Grace Legacy Capital exclusively represents our clients’ best interests. With extensive institutional client experience, we are committed to fiduciary excellence and managing multi-faceted investment and risk management strategies.

Grace Legacy Capital is the first and only institutional investment consultant and family office committed to representing religious families. We focus on empowering clients to embrace their religious convictions in conjunction with their financial blessings and legacy goals.

Many successful religious clients desire multi-generational goals, while seeking religious investment restrictions, mission investing, and religious family foundations and philanthropic enterprises, for example. We advocate on behalf of our clients to realize the alignment of their spiritual goals with their financial resources.

Grace Legacy Capital is an independent, employee-owned Christian firm, welcoming clients of all faiths and denominations. We are called to advocate on behalf of our clients in aligning spiritual convictions with complex financial, institutional, and family management strategies.

Our pedigree is built on institutional investment discipline. Our passion and purpose is integrating the religious goals of each client with the multi-generational legacy they wish to build.